Sunday, June 5, 2011

Desi Comes to Visit!

Today Desi (Tatiana's dog) came to visit Fuego and us. Well, Fuego was a bit upset about the unexpected guest, but soon adjusted to his new found "friend." It seemed though that he did not want to have his rear facing Desi. Desi is three months old and as a puppy, was very excited and wanted to play.

The top picture shows Desi as he took over the cat's bed. He really liked the bed and made himself right at home. It doesn't hurt that there is a heating pad underneath the cushion. I liked his red sweater. It had a sparkly outline of a bone on the back. Very elegant!

You can see from the pictures that Fuego eventually made peace with Desi and they enjoyed sitting on Audrey's lap (Fuego does look a bit wary in that picture though). Of course, there was a little food sharing and some growling because of the food (nothing serious though).

The third picture is Audrey as she was leaving with Desi in his carrier. He apparently loves his carrier and will just sit in it without getting out. That's alot better than Fuego....he would be out in a flash! He would much rather be on one of his human's laps.

The cats' reactions were mixed. As usual, Mr. Mellow Milo didn't have much reaction. He is quite a bit bigger than a chihuahua and Desi didn't seem to get it that even though he's a cat, there were no hisses coming out of this one. He did alot of sniffing and dodging (no doubt expecting some hissing) of Milo, but just nose-to-nose style. Now Cleo on the other hand was a different story. One look at him and she started MAJOR hissing. Desi was smart enough to give her a very wide berth. The first opportunity that she had, she ran upstairs to the safety of our bedroom

It was a good experience for Fuego and they were lots of fun to watch.

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